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The new XTL-Technology .

Advanced engines, greater engine oil stress 

Advanced engine oils for cars, which meet todays demands of engine manufacturers already, offer very high performance levels. But the stresses on engine oils are in increasing, for example as a result of downsized, fuel-efficient engine designs. Apart from this, the conditions under which engines have to perform reliably are getting more extreme. Furthermore, new and  fuel-saving technologies such as start-stop systems make specific demands on the starting characteristics and lubrication reliability of the engine oil. In urban traffic start-stop systems cause clearly more start activities than in conventional start systems. The load on the engine oil increases noticeably over the entire manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval. Considering this, it is even more important that the oil circulates rapidly to the places where it is needed .

The advantages and benefits of the new XTL engine oil technology:

  • Better start-up performance:Up to 55% faster oil circulation and up to 35% faster start-ups
  • Lower fuel consumption: Up to 1,7% additional reduction in fuel consumption
  • Lower oil consumption: Up to 18% lower
  • Improved Ageing stability: 38% lower viscosity increase. For this reason greater performance and operational reliability over the whole oil engine interval.