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Fuchs lubricants palestine | New Product – TITAN CARGO MAXX SAE 10W-40 – XTL®

New Product – TITAN CARGO MAXX SAE 10W-40 – XTL®

 About Fuchs TITAN Cargo Maxx 10W-40 XTL Engine Oil

Premium MAXX performance Motor Oil with new XTL-technology. Specially developed for vehicles with modern exhaust after treatment and turbocharger. Good cold starting properties and ageing  stability for optimal fuel-economy over the whole drain-interval.

                 TITAN CARGO MAXX 10W-40 is a Premium engine oil with the innovative XTL®-Technology developed for commercial vehicles. The XTL®-Technology (Xtreme Temperature Lubrication) offers maximum fuel economy over the whole drain-interval due to outstanding oxidation and ageing stability. TITAN CARGO MAXX 10W-40 guarantees optimum protection for modern diesel particulate filters and catalysts and provides improved durability. Due to minimum evaporation loss, the oil consumption and turbocharger deposits are significantly reduced. This new technology offers maximum performance over the entire temperature range and ensures good cold start properties even at very low temperatures. TITAN CARGO MAXX 10W-40 exceeds conventional UHDP lubricants in versatility and performance due to its XTL®-Technology.


TITAN CARGO MAXX 10W-40 is specially developed for commercial vehicles with modern exhaust gas treatment systems. Due to the extensive performance profile TITAN CARGO MAXX 10W-40 is suitable as a rationalisation product also for older vehicles. TITAN CARGO MAXX 10W-40 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded engine oils.

Benefits of Fuchs TITAN Cargo Maxx 10W-40 XTL Engine Oil  

  • Additional improvement in fuel economy over the whole drain-interval due to XTL® about 0.5% compared with quality engine oils of the same SAE-viscosity grade
  • Prevents deposits in engines and especially in turbochargers and offers excellent operating safety as well as low maintenance costs
  • Up to 23% better pumpability at low temperatures due to XTL®
  • Up to 27% lower oil consumption offered by XTL®
  • Suitable for longest drain-intervals
  • Improved ageing stability due to XTL® and lower viscosity increase in a standardised engine test
  • Best protection for modern exhaust gas after treatment systems
  • Excellent wear protection even under high operation conditions   

Specifications and Manufacturer Approvals

  • SpecificationsUntitled-5

    • ACEA E9/E7/E6
    • API CI-4
  • Approvals

    • DEUTZ DQC IV-10 LA
    • MAN M 3271-1 / MAN M 3477
    • MB-APPROVAL 228.51 / 235.28
    • MTU DDC TYPE 3.1
    • VOLVO VDS-3 / CNG
  • FUCHS Recommendations

    • CUMMINS CES 20077
    • DAF
    • MAN M 3277 CRT